She & He

Most vivid amongst the memories of his home town was She —

Everyone was asleep but He consciously stared the moon whole night feeling Her.

Everyone was at work but he was still dreaming of her in the Sunny …

Everyone were in room He was on the roof.
Everyone were in the roof and he was in the room.

Everyone was pointing to her cleavage $ there was one staring in her eyes.

Everyone was appraising her beauty there was one waiting for her voice.

Everyone was wishing for one night stand and There was one praying to be her till his death

Everyone was enjoying n exploring their lust there was one who was holding his heart ….

He was none other than myself.

Late but Fine.

This is my first ever blog on Web.

However, i have enjoyed a lot in writing on different socialnetworking platform like Facebook, Instagram and Yourquote.

I need your support and appreciation to blossom because yet i am a budding writer.

I will try my best to carve my emotions on paper enriched with your pleasure .

I hope ! You will be delighted when you comes to my blog.